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At CHR, you have the opportunity to review the numbers and look at our herd.  Yearling bulls and two year olds are available for selection. Yearlings are available on a limited basis. Experience shows that there should only be limited use of a young bull for siring calves.  Small groups of 10 or fewer females would be suitable, but a young bull needs time to mature.  We highly recommend our two year and older crop to get the most value out of your investment.  Older bulls have the strength and stamina to maintain weight and service your herd.  Our bulls are easily handled, but not bridal trained.  While we want our bulls to be manageable, we believe there should always be a healthy respect between man and bull and vice versa.  Some of our bulls are raised with powerful growth traits and would make excellent choices for cross breeding with charolais or brangus breeds.

Yearling Bulls in W.W. B-Dahl "Old World Blue Stem" Field

All bulls sold are guaranteed sound and are semen tested by our veterinarian before delivery.  We provide free delivery within an hour of the ranch and further on multi-bull sales.  Please call us for details.

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