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Cougar Hollow Ranch is a growing ranch committed to providing the best quality bulls to the commercial cattleman.  We work hard to raise registered Black Angus bulls with physical soundness, proven growth traits, and meat quality.

Each year, CHR strives to retain the best heifers from our herd and purchase select females to enhance it.  We use AI techniques utilizing the Heat Watch system to bring in the top genetics from the Angus breed and insure high success rates in our breeding program.  We select top quality bulls that provide low birth weights and high growth spreads at weaning and yearling ages.  Through balanced breeding with our herd cows, we strive to produce sound heifers and bulls that bring balance in their genetic and physical traits.

Calves are raised on site with a prescribed feeding program so we can monitor their growth and weight gain.  As prescribed by the American Angus Association, one year ultrasound tests evaluate rib-eye size and marbling which allows us to evaluate not only the growth, but the meat quality of the future offspring.  Culling is an important part of ensuring the best breeding stock are available.  We are selective in the future herd bulls that we raise.  It’s an investment for us and if you choose to make our bulls a part of your herd, we want you to be completely confident that you are getting some of the best. Whether you’re holding calves through the feedlot or weaning and selling, CHR bulls will provide you with the genetics to be successful.

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